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Vital Health Options™ is dedicated to finding and using the highest quality nutrients known to man, and to providing them in nutritional supplement formulas that are highly bio-available and effective.
Our synergistic formula ingredients maximize the benefits of each component. Nutrients made readily available provide nutrition at the cellular level, enhancing our bodies’ abilities to experience highest potential for health and function at EVERY level…and to enjoy vital, active life at every age.

Transfer Factor Basic®

Transfer Factor BASIC® is the recommended initial product of choice for those individuals with multiple or extreme sensitivities, and is safe and effective for children & infants as well. This is an exceptional proprietary blend of transfer factor, lactoferrin and other beneficial colostral extracts, plus Vitamin D3. It serves as a vital immune health-promoting product in and of itself, but is also a tremendous adjunctive measure when used with other immune support products.

Immune system balance, facilitated by Transfer Factor Basic®, is critical to effective immune function, and results in:
• Immune system preparedness and readiness to respond.
• Efficient usage of energy for maximized benefit.
• Rapid recognition of true threats to health, both from outside the body & from within.
• Ability to distinguish between self and non-self, normal and abnormal.
• Early activation of the most appropriate, most efficient response to true threats.
• Recognition of resolution of the threat, with appropriate sequence of “standing down” immune system “troops.”
• Return to a resting state of prepared readiness, with newly acquired “how best to respond” immunologic memory for even more efficient function with future challenges.


Enhanced Transfer Factor®

Enhanced Transfer Factor™ Includes three unparalleled proprietary nutrient  blends, with the addition of Vitamin C and Zinc for additional immune and health support.

Together these ingredients provide the following:
1.) A combination of colostral extracts that provide immune intelligence, balance, direction, regulation and enhanced effectiveness. Thymus gland extract further potentiates these benefits.

2.) A blend of eight well-recognized, health-enhancing mushrooms, all ORGANIC.

3.) A combination of nutrients that demonstrate both health- enhancing benefits of their own, and the ability to boost the effectiveness of some of the other formula ingredients.