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Vital Health Options, LLC
is an Arizona based company

Our Mission is:


1) To incorporate the best science into products that provide the body
with critical nutrients for healthy structure and effective function at every level.

2) To make those nutrients available in the most bio-available and
efficiently used forms possible.

3) To facilitate synergistic effects within each formulation to maximize the potential benefits of each and all components.

4) To produce products that provide the highest level of benefit to the consumer - for the investment made in their purchase.




Our Commitment is:


To Science, Quality and Safety:

Vital Health Options™ never compromises on ingredients, quality, or science. As a privately owned, independent entity, we answer directly to our customers who carry our products. We honor the trust of those using our products by directly purchasing and using only the highest quality ingredients, organic when possible, in the production of VHO products. Every product component is thoroughly researched and backed by the latest scientific studies. We meet or exceed all GMP requirements.

Independent Laboratory Testing: We utilize independent laboratory testing to ensure consistently superior product quality, safety, and uniformity.